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Re: Let's build some Linear Transponders

* Bob Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu> [2003-07-10 10:44]:
> Now that is the key.  But be careful of bringing in
> off-the-shelf "NASA experts" to help you, because to do
> it the NASA way, you can't possibly afford it.  The NASA
> way (and the RIGHT way when you have large programs) has
> 50 managers and tons of specs and QA inspectors for
> every single nit-pick and they all go by the written specs,
> because the one Engineer who wrote them and knew exactly
> why, has long since retired.

*EVERYBODY* on this list and interested in the future of amateur
satellite communications needs to read or re-read the wonderful "Space
Satellites from the World's Garage -- The Story of AMSAT" written by 
Keith Baker, KB1SF, and Dick Jansson, WD4FAB.


Project costs are directly proportional to the number of tech-heads who
always want to add "one more experimental module" to the spacecraft.

"Simple and cheap" needs to be the mantra chanted by every AMSAT designer,
project leader, director, field coordinator and member.

Sometimes it seems that the concept of using a folded up steel rule for
an antenna has been forgotten when in fact, it was a complete stroke of

We need a LOT more ideas and concepts like that.

I hope that the ridiculously high cost of P3D doesn't cause project
leaders to begin thinking that a "few million dollars" are required for
any future satellite because if that is true, you can stick a fork in
AMSAT because it will be done...

Jeff, Ke9v
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