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(lack of) Eagle information

Here is the entire body of information about Eagle on the AMSAT web site:

Project Eagle
AMSAT-North America is planning a new satellite to be placed into an elliptical (GTO) orbit similar to AMSAT-OSCAR 40.  Plans call for transponders in U, V, L and S bands thus meeting the much requested "high altitude Mode V/U" communications. Eagle will also carry yet to be decided experimental equipment.

3 sentences!  Is there more information hidden somewhere?  No wonder so many people have misconceptions about Eagle!  Even these 3 sentences are hard to find because it's not in the "New Projects" section.  You have to click "Spacecraft Information, and then click the "Future Satellites" link.

There was an excellent Eagle presentation at the 2002 Symposium.  A portion of that presentation is printed in the Symposium Proceedings, but much of the presented information has never been published on paper, and none of it is available for download or on an Area Coordinator resource CD.  (also, I made a 1-page PowerPoint summary about Eagle and submitted it to be on the next resource CD).

I know that the Eagle project is currently in the "slow lane".  And I know that the July/August AMSAT Journal will have an article about Eagle.  But on the web site I get the impression that Eagle doesn't exist at all.  Surely the AMSAT membership would be more motivated to contribute to the project if more information was available.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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