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Up-coming AMSAT Board Election - Lee -

Lee McLamb

There are many critical issues currently facing AMSAT.
Among these are:
*  Membership retention and growth
*  Funding of projects
*  Nurturing the next generation of satellite builders
*  Protection of our frequency allocations

I won't pretend to be an expert on all these subjects or to have all the
answers.  However, there are several areas in which I believe I can
contribute as a member of the Board.  My work in Range Operations at Cape
Canaveral AFS, provides me with a background in the launch and space
industry. Specifically my job involves the planning and implementing of
communications, telemetry and command systems that must work as functional
end-to-end systems.  This involves being able to analyze technical details
and work well with many diverse, overlapping, and often conflicting groups
in order to make sure that the maximum number of needs are met in a timely
and cost efficient manner.  Sometimes this means spotting the gaps where the
dots don't quite connect.  Other times it means looking at an old situation
in a new light or listening carefully and learning from another person's
perspective.  Often it means asking tough, sometimes awkward questions and
sticking with it until the facts are separated from opinions and then a
willingness to face the conclusions and take action.

Another part of AMSAT's charter is "disseminating scientific and technical
information" from our efforts. It was toward these ends that I first
answered a call to volunteer as an AMSAT News Service Editor and serve now
as ANS Senior Editor, as well as a contributing author to the Journal. I
feel it is important that the Members know not only the
technical details of the latest project, but also the facts, analysis and
rationale which support the conclusions and decisions of the Board. In
addition, if AMSAT is to foster the growth and skills of new volunteers, it
is essential that information regarding the activities and meetings of
groups working on our projects is better publicized.  I know of cases in
which various working group meetings were held within an hour's drive of
potential new volunteers.  Unfortunately, these people didn't learn about a
meeting almost in their backyard until it was discussed in a Journal article
several months later.  As a BoD member, I will continue to work to improve
the availability and timeliness of information, both technical and

To function effectively, our BoD needs to be a body with many different
skills.  I welcome the opportunity to provide my skills of team work,
effective listening, critical analysis and communication to the AMSAT

I appreciate your consideration and your vote in the upcoming AMSAT BoD

Lee McLamb,  LM2022

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