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Re: Let's build some Linear Transponders

On Wednesday 09 July 2003 7:05 pm, Robert McGwier wrote:
> Building space-rated hardware is not like going down to
> radio shack and getting crummy parts.  Space is a harsh
> environment and building these things with some hope
> of reliability requires specialized knowledge and
> experience. 
> Bob
> N4HY
Hi Bob,
   your absolutely right, but I think your seeing a movement here to get some 
transponders built and find a way to get them in space...
they may be cheap and they may not last....  but when the professional's only 
build what they feel like building... what are the rest suppose to do?
   I really hope those with the knowledge come up with xponders that Hams can 
use and also provide the RF package for EDU's, since they seem to be the ones 
getting more rides into space than us... 

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