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RE: Let's build some Linear Transponders

Building space-rated hardware is not like going down to
radio shack and getting crummy parts.  Space is a harsh
environment and building these things with some hope
of reliability requires specialized knowledge and
experience.  All sorts of mechanical and thermodynamic
factors need to be factored in such as: What range of
temperatures will the module be subjected to? How much
impulsive or shock G forces will the module be required
to survive on the launcher you have chosen?  How many sustained
G's will the rocket subject the module to? How much
spacecraft power is available to the transponder.  What
is the minimum power output to provide adequate link
margin for the planned activity? (and ON and ON and ON)
Some people have just gotten away with complete murder
(can we say it sends lots of APRS?) but I wouldn't bank
AMSAT's future on repeating that roll of the dice nor
would I hand this off to some college kid with zero
experience without a serious level of supervision.


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