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Re: Up-coming AMSAT Board Election - Gunther -


I agree, almost to the letter, with respect to the points you put forward 
in the rest
of your message.

I disagree vociferously, however, with the following points:

>Expand the support of the ARISS program to expose more school age kids
>to the world of Ham Radio & Satellites. Include within all such
>programs, a follow-up system, if possible, to continue to encourage
>these young people to pursue getting
>their licenses and become active. Supply plenty of session take-home
>materials that expose the young people to the work of AMSAT, and the
>excitement of Amateur satellites.

In my opinion this does little more than support NASA, and it is promoted 
in the same manner by NASA oriented people.  ARISS promotion does little, 
in my opinion to promote AMSAT satellite operations.  It does a lot in 
siphoning off funds that could be much better spent building Eagle.

Every chance I get I give a demonstration at my home station.  Our club 
promotes a ham station in a local high school.  We hold our Field Day in a 
public recreation center that has lots of student traffic.  We've had a 
satellite station there every year for over 15 years...Long before we had 
the AMSAT contest.

We set up a satellite station at a local beach during summer vacation along 
another promotion and we had a steady stream of curiosity seekers....

These activities didn't cost AMSAT a red cent!!  Compare that to a 
"student/demo" cost to what ARISS is gobbling up...

Let NASA support ARISS if they think it is going to benefit them...ARRL 
does a husky job of promoting ARISS in almost every issue, yet a paucity of 
articles on OUR satellites.  Let them foot the bill if they see something 
to gain...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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