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Re: X-band on AO-40?

Hi James,

You Wrote:

> I was checking the AMSAT-DL site again today and still see
> that X-band is still in a checkout phase. Can someone tell me
> what the full status of that downlink is?

*IF* I remember correctly (and I'd need to go search the
archives before being sure - this is memory only :>), the
X-Band Transmitter was tested, but nothing was heard, and
IIRC, there was no change in the TX temp, indicating no
power to theX Band TX.

(If I recall correctly, the X Band Temp sensors are also
dependant on power being supplied to the X-Band TX, rather
than just being thermisters)


> Or is there something that I missed with it being tied
> together with the S2 transmitter that means we can't use
> it at the same time?

Only thing that is tied to S2 is K-Band TX IIRC. X is entirely
seperate, unless someone more knowledgable wants to contradict
me - which is the same for all the above.

All the Best

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