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Any ZL Stations Active On AO-40

Hi All

I am looking for any ZL ststions who are active on AO-40, to set up a sked
on the sat.

I have listened for ZL on several passes when we have a common window, but
heard nothing. This Friday has a useful looking pass, starting at around
22h30 UTC (fairly early Saturday morning in New Zealand) and I would really
like to find someone who is prepared to commit to a sked. This will be the
very early hours of the morning here (UTC +2hrs) and it is winter with
sub-zero temperatures at night, so I don,t want to be up for nothing!

ZS-ZL seems to be quite a difficult one on any band. Any active stations
please let me know off list.

Barry ZR6DXB
Johannesburg, South Africa
56 DXCC Worked on AO40
72 DXCC Worked on 50Mhz

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