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Re: Transponder tested on a balloon


Yes, the transponder worked perfect but the antenna cable/plug seemed to be 
the problem :-(
I have tested the transponder afterward to find the problem but is was 
working great...

Later I tested the 100mW PA and duplexer what seemed to be okay, but 
sometimes not...
I spend many time to find what is the problem and somehow there is a bad 
contact in the antenna cable :-( what gives sometimes good and sometimes bad 
connection :-(

Even with this problem the test was succesfull... maybe not for the DX-ers, 
but for me as a
electronic designer it was a succesfull mission...
This mission gave me many technical informations that I can use to improve 
for the next mission,
and the final PA and duplexer will be made better than this one :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

>From: rolf.niefind@t-online.de (Rolf Niefind)
>To: pe1rah@hotmail.com
>CC: amsat-bb@amsat.org
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Transponder tested on a balloon
>Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 07:32:21 +0200
>William Leijenaar schrieb:
> >
>  Hi ALL
>  I monitored the launch of the balloon from about 400km away.
>  The seperate beacon on 145.200 was very strong.
>  All transponder signals were about 30 db weaker - one observer told me 
>  at least 30 dB...
>  I also got this msg from stns 30km from transponder.
>  So what has happened with the transponder ?
>  -antennas disconnected prior to launch ?
>  - no IF-gain ?
>  - desensing ?
>  hrd two stns only very very weak. CUBESATS are 800km minimum distance.
>  Remember the ARTOBs in the 70s  ARTOB ( Amateur Radio On Balloon) with
>  DJ4ZC , or DL7QY transponder with very very strong signals - like OSCAR 7
>  but last sunday...  there must be somethin wrong with the UV-transponder.
>  73 DK2ZF  AMSAT LM-34

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