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Up-coming AMSAT Board Election - Gunther -

Gunther Meisse

Below are the items I will give special attention to, if elected to the
BoD of AMSAT in this coming election.

Platform for 2003 AMSAT-NA Board Election
July 2003

If elected, I will seek board action on the following initiatives:

* Creation of an AMSAT-NA Foundation

The purpose would be to raise a considerable sum of money, which would
be invested for the purpose of developing substantial annual income to
fund the design, building, and launching of spacecraft.
This will include creating a well documented "Case for Support". This
basic document is used when making one's case to Foundations or other
funding sources. A precursor to that effort will be the creation of a
"Membership Profile" which will outline the demographic and Ham
Satellite interests of our membership.

* Develop an active Grants Program

The funds would be sought to foster our building and launching of
as well as to increase our educational efforts.

* Expand the worldwide planning process

This effort would try to minimize duplication and attempt to have a
plan to fill the sky with birds.

* Work on a program to further open up the electronic communications and
provide more ongoing information.

These efforts could include a, yet to be defined, restructuring of the
Web sites, in an effort to consolidate them, and make them more easily
used. Explore electronic distribution of the Journal and a graphically
pleasing Breaking News e-mail service for members. Encourage, and
broaden, the use of VoIP for AMSAT activities.

* In courage the Expand the Educational efforts of AMSAT-NA.

As an example: Creation of a Summer Amateur Radio Space Camp designed to
place at a University featuring Ham Bird experts, with the hope of
Bird-Builders and Hams of college age students. This college level
effort would also include an attempt to bring them more "into the fold"
of AMSAT giving us an opportunity to be of assistance to them in
exchange for a more definitive frequency coordination system, and
perhaps even some transponder rides.

Expand the support of the ARISS program to expose more school age kids
to the world of Ham Radio & Satellites. Include within all such
programs, a follow-up system, if possible, to continue to encourage
these young people to pursue getting 
their licenses and become active. Supply plenty of session take-home
materials that expose the young people to the work of AMSAT, and the
excitement of Amateur satellites.

*  Follow-up on the Strategic Plan & Goals passed by the Board in 2001.

A well-produced document that needs to be constantly followed up on.

In conclusion, please vote in the coming election. AMSAT's future is up
to YOU.

I am asking for YOUR vote in the 2003 AMSAT Board election.

Thank you,

Gunther Meisse

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