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Re: Election for BOD members.

Thanks Robin,  I'm glad to see that you want to commence work on Eagle as 
soon as practical for us. I was thinking the minimum possible for Eagle 
that would make me pleased.  Transponder's LS, US, and UV,  and most 
important thing of all, a phase III orbit with an inclination of 25 degrees 
or more and an apogee in the northern hemisphere.  Yes, I know I'm selfish.


At 08:01 PM 7/8/03 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>As the ballots are being distributed this week, I believe that I should issue
>my one and only E-mail election message now, so that you have an opportunity
>to consider it before you start voting.
>Let me first say that you have a choice of eight excellent candidates, any of
>which can and will  do an outstanding job on your behalf.
>Assuming that I am re-elected as a BoD member and by the BoD as President, it
>is my intention to ask each one  of the candidates to carry out certain jobs
>in AMSAT.
>Now why should you re-elect me?
>Firstly, because your President is the "Servant" of the BoD, It is the BoD
>who devise the overall policy for AMSAT.  The President's work  takes many 
>each day and usually 7 days a week and I am willing to do that for one more
>year, all unpaid.
>The President is a member of the BoD, and if not elected to the Board, I
>would probably not be re-elected as President.
>Secondly, because I want to see AMSAT move forward  to re-establish itself as
>a educational organization. This involves working with and assisting Schools,
>Colleges and Universities to the best of our ability. New thinking must
>accompany this goal, for we cannot carry out such a mandate at extensive 
>expense, we should be able to utilize modern communication techniques to 
>meet most
>of the needs.
>We must also be in a position to advise government bodies on how to overcome
>existing impediments to educational problems instead of only reading the
>"Rule BooK"
>Thirdly, we at AMSAT-NA must develop funding which is independent of
>membership contributions. The BoD has been wrestling with this problem for 
>some time,
>and we have had various VPs of Business Development. Each one of these has
>found that it is almost impossible to raise funding from organizations or
>foundations so new techniques must be employed.
>Believe me the past AMSAT VP's of BD have been well qualified for their
>I hope the new BoD will bring a fresh look to this problem and I will work
>with the Board to try and raise our Project funding. Meanwhile I encourage 
>members to donate to the President's Club.
>Fourth, The membership seems equally split between the LEO "ECHO" and the
>  GTO "EAGLE". Following the  launch of ECHO in May next year, it will be 
> time
>to re-commence the design and building of EAGLE.
>I have promised that EAGLE will have a mode B transponder on board (70CMS
>UPLINK AND 2M DOWNLINK) and I intend to keep that promise.
>EAGLE will also have different experiments to re-ignite that feeling of
>I am looking for a means of building an OSCAR Class ground station at a
>reasonable  cost - (Yes I know everybody's definition of reasonable varies.)
>Fifth, AMSAT has been working hard to maintain our Amateur satellite
>these have been under attack from many areas including hi-fi  and
>International Satellite borne synthetic Aperture Radar  (SARs).
>Unless we maintain some liaison with the Government bodies involved in these
>areas then we might as well give up the satellite sections of the 70 CMS  and
>the 2.4 GHz bands. I intend to require that AMSAT Officers to work these and
>similar issues.
>Sixth, The organization and management of AMSAT as a volunteer based
>organization requires not only time and effort but also some skill and 
>As a Professional Engineer (electrical) who spent the last 19 years of his
>working life as a manager in a "not-for-profit" organization working with
>membership and business issues, plus 3 years of experience as President of 
>believe that I bring those skills to this organization.
>Seventh, With the aid and assistance of the AMSAT Journal, ANS, the
>Presidents monthly letter, AMSAT, Web Page and facilities such as the 
>AMSAT Echo Link
>and AMSAT-BB the AMSAT President and Officers will maintain and improve on 
>communications with the membership.
>I look forward to receiving your vote, and  promise to spend the same effort
>working with the BoD, officers and members in the AMSAT year 2003/2004 as I
>have in the past 3 years.
>Robin Haighton VE3FRH
>President AMSAT-NA
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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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