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RE: Serial <-> USB adapter

It is likely more a case of limited vision. Like the customer who calls for
support or problem resolution. It is inconveivable to them that there is
anything else going on but what they are currently doing.

Why would anyone need more than two com ports: you only have one modem and
my (fill in the blank)? My new PC doesn't have a com port or a parallel
port. Only LAN and USB. The modem is built into the motherboard now so no
reason for com ports and new printers seem to only be USB.

However, you would think that software written for Amateur radio uses would
consider that the rig, antenna and packet all use seperate ports. Pretty
much every moderately active ham has these 3 devices as standard in the
shack. There are probably other accessories that I am not aware of that are
considered the norm in a PC setup. If you are coding for something other
than those three you NEED/MUST design for expanded com ports, and
preferrable USB ports.

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I've seen plenty that don't even allow you to go above Com 4!  This has
to be one of the places where programmers are completely lazy and still
think they are programming for an 8 or 16 bit processor!

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