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RE: Serial <-> USB adapter

Hi Don

> So far the IOGEAR unit has worked flawlessly, but was a PITA to setup
> I finally discovered the serial device I was testing needed "hardware
> handshaking".

A large number of the earlier USB<->serial interfaces had appalling drivers.
They would blue screen or GPF regularly - definitely not production
strength. Another problem is if you have more than one - your COM ports
would come up in all sorts of different orders depending on the order you
plug them in!

These days, the newer interfaces know the USB port that they were plugged
into and so allocate on that basis.

Under Windows 2000 and XP you can also change the COM port numbers on the
fly in the Device Manager.

One other thing - if you are using a DOS application in Win9x/ME or Windows
2k/XP, getting these USB ports to work with them is an art in itself, and
I've never really got this to work consistently. The virtual x86 COM port
emulations are generally not good. They must be assigned to COM1 to COM4 to
stand a chance.

I've found a lot of Windows apps won't address COM ports above 8 or 10. This
is primarily because there is not really an easy and consistent way of
enumerating ports on both Windows 9x/ME and Windows 2K/XP: they operate
differently. So, Windows application developers, let us have access to lots
of COM ports! I'm up to COM18 on my PC at the moment!

Good luck, Howard G6LVB

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