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Re: Area coordinators

Hi Wayne,

>Wayne asks:
>How would an Area Coordinator to KNOW that you just joined?
>The membership list is currently top-secret.  New members aren't
>anounced to the Area Coordinators.

They should be - after all, if you join an organization (as opposed to 
donating to it) it's a pretty safe bet you want to participate in it.

When an organization gets a new member, there is usually a checklist.  ( ie 
a-  send membership card, b - add to mailing list, c - enter newsletter 
subscription, etc.) Part of that checklist should be: "This person lives in 
Town A, which is in area B, and the AC for that area is C, so we will 
forward the information to C, who can make contact, welcome the person to 
the organization and invite them to participate in (some event, net, etc.)."

Before you get all bent about privacy, OK - add an opt out.  I personally 
don't know why someone would join but opt out when they could just as 
easily make a donation and not worry about participation but hey, if they 
want to do that, accommodate them.

Contacting new members isn't rocket science but it is good membership 
management.  If the ACs don't know who the members are in their area, what 
and who are they coordinating?

- emily (w0eec)

just my opinion, others may vary

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