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Re: variation on the same subject.

Hi all,

Kevin mentioned ...
> "AMSAT" stays pretty quiet on the internal goings on...  both on 
> failures and on successes...  when bad things happen like when 
> AO40 popped... info was very slow in coming ...  When good things 
> happen ... like the warble on L band being fixed....  it didn't 
> even get any press... that was fixed months and months ago...

I agree with you on that.  The only stuff I can print is what
is fed into the Journal pipe ... not entirely sure where the
clog might be from my vantage point either.

> But I for one agree with Luc that they should make some time 
> to get on the sats to better understand what their members are 
> dealing with... good and bad...

It would be ideal.  I'll be on there sooner or later.  However,
it is sometimes good that some guys did take a few hours off of 
their satellite time ...

Every one of the Journal articles, every one of the carefully
thought out technical explanations on the -BB, every weekly
news release and satellite bulletin represents the time that 
a member spent with other hams in mind.  Add in the management 
time, the accounting time, the fund raising time, the policy 
review and we have even more of a good thing going.

All of this goes way beyond a single ham with a single radio.

This is multiplied effort ... a good thing for AMSAT, a good
thing for amateur radio ... and, a good thing to be a part of.

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ

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