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RE: member guide

I think the Opt In (meaning you have to make a conscious
active decision to be included and no assumption may be
made about your inclusion without your permission) is
the way to fix all of these issues.  It will make it less
effective which is why the Chamber of Commerce fought
with many a million dollar of contributions to stop Opt In
in our congressional action.  Spam will defeat them too

I would like to remind everyone that all of the
information in the proposed AMSAT directory is available
to anyone about almost any ham in the world with a callbook
CD-ROM.  The one new piece of information would be that
you have joined AMSAT.  That being said, I am opting in.
It is just about impossible for me to get any more spam
than I already get.  I  have more new friends in
Nigeria and Lagos than I ever dreamed was possible. I
am about to get a swelled head I must be so famous.

Now can we move on to something to do with satellites?

I was just beginning to get all fired up again thanks to
Phil, Stacey, James, and the others involved the FEC


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I'd just add that Europeans would have great problems with having their
personal info placed in the public domain. There is a lot of legislation in
Europe protecting against just this kind of thing.

AMSAT-NA does have a number of non-US members, ... me included!

Paul, VP9MU

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