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Re: Voluntary register of AMSAT Members

Maybe I stated it badly.  I was trying to say that it does not have to 
be unreasonably demanding, which would deter people from volunteering.

I've been very active on the birds (until taking down the antennas due 
to impending relocation), supporting a local museum satellite exhibit, 
and talking it up on local vhf/uhf and hf nets.

My level of effort varied depending on my day job, etc. and I've never 
felt a conflict.

My point is that being an Area Coordinator is not so demanding that 
people should fear it.


Emily Clarke wrote:
> At 11:53 AM 7/8/2003 -0400, Jim Sanford wrote:
>> What does an area coordinator do?  As much or as little as he can at 
>> the time, mostly be available to answer questions, and direct 
>> interested people to resources.
> I think this is a very important difference in the way other 
> organizations (Red Cross, for example) run their area coordinators.  
> Area Coordinators are supposed to be active coordinators.  It's not just 
> a title it's a job.  IMHO an AC shouldn't sit at home and wait for 
> someone to fall - AC's should be out there proactively beating drums, 
> selling AMSAT and reaching out to others.  You aren't going to get 
> people to join AMSAT if the ACs aren't out there touting the benefits of 
> membership.
> I counted 5 coordinators within shouting (2m repeater) distance of my 
> home, and I've never heard any on the birds or on repeaters, talking up 
> sats or holding nets. Heck, I've only ever heard one on the air and that 
> was during the VHF/UHF contest.  If I had joined any other organization 
> I would have had an AC contact within a week.
> -emily (w0eec)
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