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Area Coordinators (was Re: Voluntary register of AMSAT Members)

Hi Dee,

This is exactly the kind of things I think an Area Coordinator should be 
doing.  Bravo.

-emily (w0eec)

At 05:25 PM 7/8/2003 -0400, Dee wrote:
>     I am an area Co-ordinator in NJ.  I go to all the local 
> Hamfests(weather permitting) and Put up a LARGE Banner with AMSAT on it. 
> I usually have Nova running and answer a ton of questions while selling 
> the trinkets and other items to make money for AMSAT to put up 
> satellites.  I don't specify where the money should go as the BOD usually 
> has areas that need "watering!".  I am doing the Hamclub route giving 
> talks and answering the amazing questions.  Most of all, I am infront of 
> the Ham community having fun doing what I like to do and returning the 
> favors of others before me doing the same to get satellites up where they 
> belong.
>     Yes, I have my own agenda and beliefs of what should be paramount in 
> this end of the hobby, however, I am not unique as others do the same and 
> most even more behind the scenes.  Many phone calls are to me for 
> assistance with "newbies" and "oldies" alike.  Area Co-ordinators do have 
> full time jobs and must think of family events too.
>     I also use the satellites but not often enough since my work does 
> take up operational time and satellites aren't in view usefully at the 
> exact time I am home or want them to be. Without stretching the day by an 
> extra 10 hours (we all would like to do this), I feel pretty good about 
> what I accomplish for AMSAT in the time I have to give back.
>     What is interesting is the amount of hams that use satellites without 
> thinking of the costs involved and not even considering joining an 
> organization (the ONLY one in the U.S.A.) that is directly involved with 
> assembling and launching the elements involved with this end of the 
> hobby. This is where I step in and ask the people that step up to my 
> AMSAT table and give them a guilt trip.  I sell more stickers and patches 
> that way, (Hi, Hi.!) and nothing warms me as much as that same ham 
> starting to fill out the membership application.
>     My motto  "I work for donations!"  I am happy to become the 
> entertainment at a club meeting for that "Special Donation!"  Now, can I 
> interest all you on this BB who have "admitted" to not being AMSAT 
> members to step up to the plate and drop in your membership fee.  Martha 
> would love to hear from you all and ask her for our special "gifts" to 
> new and renewing membership applications.
>Dee Interdonato, NB2F
>NJ Co-ordinator
>"I work for Donations!"

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