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RE: member guide

> But the organization does not have the right to *assume* that
> I want to be listed if I don't say no.  That, I believe, was what the
> previous poster was trying to say.

I was stirring the pot, so to speak, with the suggestion of an opt-out on
the BOD election ballet simply because apathy among the membership to cast a
vote is so high.  This is not unique to AMSAT...all professional
organizations I'm associated with and know of face the same problems (many
offer incentives such as computer giveaways to entice folks to vote).  This
problem is not unique to organizations either...take a look at the general
voter turn-out in our local, state, and national elections.

To this end, stirring the pot has served its purpose in getting people to
talk.  I hope it gets them to vote and take a roll in running OUR
organization.  Yes, opt-in IS really the only way to do things.  And data,
as others have said, should be limited to name and call sign.

There is a great value in having membership lists beyond one of the stated
uses of using it as a recruiting tool.  It's wonderful for
networking....that's why many professional organization publish such a list.

Regards -- Bruce

Bruce Rahn


Wisdom has two parts:
1.  having a lot to say; and
2.  not saying it!

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