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Re: OT: to FT-847 users. Pse help

Hi Francisco,

I think this happens in SSB also but I know you
can make it happen every time with my procedure.
I noticed this because I was doing a lot of testing.

For info on FT-847 issues, see the FT-847 FAQ and
FT-847 forum links on this page:


Best of luck and 73,
Tony AA2TX


At 07:47 PM 7/8/03 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi Tony
>Many thanks for your reply. I "knew" I wasn't alone, hi.
> > This is just one of the "features" that gives the FT-847
> > its character! I believe EVERY FT-847 will do this
> > and it will happen on EVERY band not just 435 MHz.
>I see. So, is there a new version to fix this?
> > Here is how to make it happen:
> > 1. Put the radio into satellite mode.
> > 2. Select CW mode
> > 3. Turn the transmitter on and keep it on by holding the
> >     key down.
>That's a problem: I don't have a key. Is there a way to
>replace it? I guess I can always insert a jack on key connector
>and shunt it, right?
> > This is just a minor software bug in the FT-847 controller.
> > Be happy, there are much worse ones than this!
>Can you tell me more about it? Is there a web page with
>more info?
>Thanks for all your help.
>73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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