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Re: big RUGGED dish

Wayne wrote ...
> Wow, that dish looks like it could survive a nuclear holocaust.

It was "one of those deals" where the phone rings and I got
the message that a brand-new, still-in-the-box satellite dish
was declared surplus.  The original company bought it to 
interconnect their branch offices and then found out that the
terrestrial internet could also do this for them.

> ... building an az/el mount so you can point that dish at 
> the planned P3E orbit.  

The mounting base came with an "Armstrong" method of az-el.
I'm exploring my options (www.ultimatecharger.com, et al).
Open to lots of ideas at this point :-)

> I hope your tree obstructions aren't as bad as they appear 
> in the photographs.

Ummm, yes they are.  I like living in the woods.  When I
bought the place 13 years ago I didn't see microwave ham
radio in my future ;-)  There are a few holes in the
tree canopy but I'm pretty much in the middle of a forest
of 100 year old oak trees.

It does look like fall and winter will be the preferred
propagation months from my QTH, doesn't it?

> I don't have a big dish ...

I have a 30cm dish that I got for the hauling away of.  I
think this will be a good start on a semi-portable L- and
S-band satellite station.  My mom's house about a mile
away has a nice patio with almost 100% clear view across
the southern sky.  Yes, she's used to my radios ... I even
carry a dual-band HT in my purse on occasion.

> The trees to my east are not so dense, so I can hear the 
> satellite "almost okay".

I'm not a microwave expert and just a beginning microwave
hacker so I can't predict if the advertised 38.5 dBi gain 
of the dish is enough to overcome the trees.  There are
likely some points of diminishing returns.  Oh well, I'll
fire that thing up and figure out what I can hear.

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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