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Re: member guide

> Do you still oppose even listing your name and call as being a member? 
> No email address, no phone number, no address, nothing but name and 
> call. I respect your right to remain anomynous, but if checking a box 
> next time you renew is too much for you I'm a bit perplexed. I think 
> the benefits of a members list, even minus the opted out members, 
> outweighs any perceived "risk".

I think the point was that it's not so much a matter of what's 
*assumed* for people who don't specify one way or the other.  As 
another poster eloquently pointed out, opt-in is the only ethical 
policy.  It's not the practicalities in this case, it's the principle 
of the thing .. in this day and age when privacy is at a premium and 
under attack from just about every direction, releasing public 
information without permission even on an opt-out basis is just not 
ethically sound.

Personally, I would consider the risk from having my name and call 
published relatively minimal, and yes, I'd agree to be listed .. 
currently I'm not an AMSAT member because I don't have the time or 
equipment right now to operate on satellites at all, but if i were, I'd 
opt in.  But the organization does not have the right to *assume* that 
I want to be listed if I don't say no.  That, I believe, was what the 
previous poster was trying to say ..
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                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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