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Re: CUBSAT wast


> > In my opinion they better can make one big satellite with all these 
> > experiments build in, than having all little satellites having all the 
> > problem of powerbudget and satellite-space.
> > This also encourages international cooperation...
>Impossible.  Just getting 5 students working on the same page on something
>they can hold in their hands within their semester constraints is hard

I didn't say that they all have to do the same...
The only difference is that the cubesats now are all seperate boxes in 
What I want is that the separate boxes stay, but be mounted on one base body 
surrounding with
solar pannels. The advantages are:

1 - instead of 18 objects in space you have only one big object ==> Less 
space debry
2 - Just one power supply needed ==> satellite space is used more efficient
3 - A small kind of international communication is needed for 
inter-connection (what connectors etc)
     ==> This is one of the major things students have to learn, not to work 
alone, but share info
4 - A kind of amateur radio (e.g transponder) can be included to let it be a 
ham radio after experiments are finished, so the "debry" will be still 

Turning it into an international boondoggle would guarantee
>nothing ever got accomplished it would take 10 years and no student would
>learn anything from it except for how to be a manager of meetings and

This depends how clever and motivated they are.
The project has still the same shape, only they have to agree small things 
like inter-connections and power-supplies. But I can imagine universities 
like their own satellite...

> > Or [they] are just commercial sats ? "Made by university of ....." :-)
>"they"?  Every cubesat is different and independent.  We should be
>careful not to condemn the whole due to maybe an error of one...

Maybe the word commerial is not the right word. What I mean is that it is a 
kind of promotion for universities to get more publicity.

Then I don't agree that the CUBESATs have to be build within a 2 years 
student period. This means you try to adjust the time for technology 
research to the time of the course...

And why the students have to make a complete CUBESAT ?????
Why not a part of a big satellite and test it in vaccum chamber, termal 
test, radiation tests etc  ????
This has more technology backbones than a "fast-made radio", launch it, and 
we see what it will do...
>de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

I just hope there will be more usefull ham satellites in the future and ham 
bands will be used for radio experiments and not for "cheap satellite 
links", and that the ham community will not be used anymore as international 
"cheap groundstations" for others none-ham-experiments...

And why they don't use high-altitude balloons ????

I stop here hehe,
Don't want to make anybody angry :-) It is just positive comments...
Don't forget to smile :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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