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Re: Voluntary register of AMSAT Members

At 06:03 PM 7/8/2003 +0100, John Heaton wrote:

>Since a lot of AMSAT-[A-Z][A-Z] members, (me included) have an alias set 
>for callsign@amsat.org, you couldn't get away from publishing email 
>addresses indirectly..  It shouldn't be hard for an email collection robot 
>to work that one out...

Yes, of course. But there is no guarantee that there is an alias.  I only 
set mine up about 6 weeks ago or so.

If a spammer really wants to harvest all the email addresses, it could just 
take a random generator and continuously hit AMSATs email server and find 
out which bounce and which don't.  But it's not economical to do that and 
they would probably get caught and could be prosecuted for interfering with 
e-commerce.  The mail-form process is indirect. Only humans can use it 
effectively and your email address is never visible.

The point is that to just publish the email addresses directly is 
irresponsible.  Snail and e-spammers are always hot to get your personal 
information.  You shouldn't make it easy for them to do so.  You should 
also use some other human-only readable security methods. It's not that 
hard, just takes a bit of thought behind what you are proposing to do.

just my 2 pence...

- emily (w0eec)
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