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Re: Voluntary register of AMSAT Members

At 10:07 AM 7/8/2003 -0400, Scott Townley wrote:
>It could be just like the WSJT registry (for those familiar)...just 
>callsign, grid locator, e-mail, and equipment.  Just enough info to 
>arrange skeds, no more.

I wouldn't publish email address.  A better method is to have a link that 
will allow you to enter a message for the other person without you ever 
seeing their email address.  That way web spiders and harvesters never see 
it - it's only added to the message as it's being mailed.  (eBay does this 
very effectively with it's "Ask Seller a Question" method.)

>Actually there's no reason to limit it to AMSAT members...could be just 
>"active satellite ops".  You could add fields like "sats worked" and 
>"special condx"...fer instance, for AO-40, there seem to be many special 
>conditions like "blocked below 10 degrees elev bet. 180-220 az".
>And to get on the registry would be "opt-in" in the sense that you'd have 
>to take action to be on it.

And here is where you add that checkbox for "AMSAT Member".  And if someone 
makes a sked with you and they aren't a member, you can make the 
pitch.  Peer pressure can be a good motivator.

I might add this is not difficult software to write - it can be easily done 
on any LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform.  If AMSAT decides to 
host it I'd likely volunteer to help.  I've been thinking of adding this to 
the AO-7 resource page I've been working on anyway.

-emily (w0eec)


The AO-7 Resource Page is located at:

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