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Re: drawing hams into amsat


I see that your area has a weekly AMSAT net.

As a challenge , can you say how many have joined from your area that 
listen or check-in have joined AMSAT?  Just an educated guess is all 
that is needed.

I can say that I have had at least 20 that have told me that joined 
after hearing the net I was running up until the end of last year.
I had to stop because of work and I was the only one that was doing it. 
Got burnt out after so many years of running it on my

I am thinking of restarting the net again since I have been asked by a 
lot of people that just listened but didn't check-in when I
am going to start it again. I didn't just limit it to AMSAT topics, but 
I intermixed other news that I found in my wandering on the
web that I thought would be of interest, like making the current 
SpaceWeather < http://www.spaceweather.com > conditions
the last topic of the night much like the nightly weather forcast. I 
found out later that it kept people listing till the end just to see
what the conditions where and forcasted for for the next few nights I 
also intermixed a lot of interesting facts
about some of the Space probes out there right now like the current 
conditions of Pioneer 10 and 11, the Voyagers missions,
Galileo along with reading the most current Weekly Sat report. I even 
closed the net down early one night just so that everyone
could go outside and get a sighting of the ISS going overhead. Had an 
informal net then as everyone reported in their sightings.

Bruce KK5DO I think has had the longest running net, not counting the HF 
nets. How many of us can say that we have been
passing along information about AMSAT that long?

There should be more nets along with MORE interlinking of the nets as 
possible via the internet. We have the technology now,
why not use it? I had a few emails half way through last year when I 
announced that I was restarting the local net after the
summer hiatus, if I was going to put the net on the web. I couldn't at 
the time because I didn't have the high speed connection
like now. But if and when I start the net again, I plan on using one of 
the methods available.

As for drawing new hams into AMSAT, what better way than doing a local net?

By the way, how many of you can say that you were drawn into Satellites 
and AMSAT because of a satellite being built in your
own neighborhood? Ok, Orlando was a drive, but I did get over there a 
lot to help out what little I could. Why not take on the
challenge of building a part of one of the next satellites that AMSAT is 
looking to build? I know I can't design anything, but if I
could build a piece of the next sat from diagrams or by soldering some 
of the parts on and then asking around here for someone
to help check it out, I probably would.

James W8ISS
Local Area Coordinator - Michigan
Satellites listened to - AO-40 AO-21 AO-27 SO-41 ISS All the SAREX 
MISSIONS since 1991 MIR
                                  RS-12/13 AO-13 AO-10 PCSAT UO-11 UO-14 
AO-16 LO-19 FO-20 and 29
Satellites worked - UO-14 MIR AO-21 AO-27 SO-41 KO-23 and 25 AO-16 AO-13 
RS-12/13 FO-20
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