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Noise on S-band

I'm trying to track down a noise source that is just killing my reception of
the S-band downlink of Oscar 40.  I'd love to hear from anyone who might
have some ideas on what this might be.

Here's what I know:

At 2,399,691,430 Hz I begin to hear random, very rapid noise pulses around
s-9.  As I move in frequency up to 2,401,323,000 Hz, the pulses strengthen
and deflect my s-meter full scale to +60 dB.  The pulses continue at the
same strength all the way to 2,439,000,000 Hz which is the limit of my
tranceiver's VHF capability.  The noise appears to be there constantly.

Here's how I'm listening to it:
Set receiver for USB
Set AGC to fast
Signal peaks at 310 degrees azimuth from my location, but is still quite
loud -- 20 over 9 at 130 degrees.
My equipment:
FT-847, K5GNA downconverter 144 MHz IF, 100' of RG-6 to transceiver. 1 meter
dish w/helix feed.

I think that my equipment is functioning normally in that the noise source
goes away when I disconnect the antenna from the downconverter out at the
dish.  I don't hear any noise source on 2 meters that might be overcoming
the feed from the antenna.  I'm in a signal rich area -- Fullerton,
California.  I don't have any .wav's of the interference, but I could make
some if you want to confirm any suspicions about Wi-FI or cordless phones.

Thanks and 73's to all,
Steve -- K6UX

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