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FIXED: DEMI 2400-144RX d/c

The saga ends...
<recall...my d/c LO wouldn't start consistently, then wouldn't start at all>
DEMI returned my call/FAX and said "from what you describe it sounds like 
C1 is bad" (bypass cap in the base of the 2N5179 oscillator).  My regular 
stock includes 0.01uF chips (you can *never* have enough bypass caps!) so 
slapped it in and Voila!  (Wah-la to the Francais-challenged)...the 
oscillator oscillates, multiplier multiplies, etc.  Back on the air!
Thanks to the folks at DEMI for the remote troubleshooting...never an easy 

Scott Townley NX7U
Gilbert, AZ  DM43di

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