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Re: On leaving AMSAT

Well I guess I am a guilty "Gee-Whiz" guy as well......  I look at, or read
about, something and think to myself  "jezz I'll have a go at that!" and
depending on what's laying around or the finances I'll give it a go.  I have
found the world is full of the "that's to hard brigade" who enjoy telling
you that having a go is not worth the effort, and I have always felt "stuff
'em!" and I have go anyway.  But once you have go,  you then come across the
"I did that before you brigade and what you are doing is not good enough".
I find this animal far more irritating than the "that's to hard brigade".
Everyone has their own egos and agendas I guess.

One of my other "Gee-Whiz" is ATV.  I can run ATV on 70,24,13 & 3 cm and am
having a go at 1.25cm but locally there are only the 2 groups I mentioned
above.  I'd love to give DATV a go but finances and the lack of anybody to
play with is killing it off.  This is why I love the sats so much.  You
see/hear something about a sat and that starts the "Gee-Whiz" fuse burning!!
The "that's to hard brigade" don't even know that you are having a go and
when you achieve what you wanted the people you meet on a sat have a "nice
you could make it" attitude.  A prime example is this mailing list.  From
what I have seen over the last couple of years someone can ask the most
obscure technical question here (either on topic or off) and the chances are
that they will get good clear (and usually multiple) answers.  I feel the
sats are the last bastion of ham radio for hams.  And now I'll get of my

And for all the "Gee-Whizzers" out there, take a look here
http://jn1jdz.ampr.jp/20F3/ .  A JA group having a go at digital voice.
This might be old news for the TAPR people.


Matt -VK2DAG-

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