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Re: member guide

>I like your ides of a PDF form for membership slips that would go into QSL
>envelopes and that could be found on our Web site.  Let's do it.  If we
>the latest big membership form from the Journal and shrink it we should be
>able to come up with a good draft. Can you take a stab and send it to me as
>an attachment?  I can convert it to PDF after we are done editing. If not
>I'll try to find time to make a draft.  We do not need Board approval for

>I am running for the Board so you now know how I feel.


The 2 journals I grabbed here don't have membership forms in them, just
president's club forms. I'll work on it tonight. I'd like to see some sort
of explanation of the benefits of joining on there. I have a few of the red
and white trifold flyers here I may use verbage from, and may have one of
the triplicate ones from the last demo I did.

73, Drew

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