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RE: member guide


The next meeting is in Toronto.

Most of my other organizations publish membership lists of those who either
opt in or don't opt out.  That includes IEEE, Cornell Engineering Society,
RTCA, AFCEA, and others. So the Board's attitude is more protective than is
probably necessary or desirable.  I would like to have this discussion with
them at Toronto.

I like your ides of a PDF form for membership slips that would go into QSL
envelopes and that could be found on our Web site.  Let's do it.  If we take
the latest big membership form from the Journal and shrink it we should be
able to come up with a good draft. Can you take a stab and send it to me as
an attachment?  I can convert it to PDF after we are done editing. If not
I'll try to find time to make a draft.  We do not need Board approval for

I am running for the Board so you now know how I feel.


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>Why?  Because the Board voted in the past to keep the list private.  I know
>that isn't a very satisfactory answer but it's all I have. What the Board
>has done can be undone by another vote.  If you feel strongly on this issue
>you are free to make your feelings known to the Board members in hopes of
>getting the issue put on the agenda for the next Board meeting.  AMSAT
>executives cannot change the Board directives.

Thats a better answer than nothing. When is the next board meeting? I would
say it's time to revisit this topic, and I will certainly bring it up in
Toronto. I'd love to hear what the candidates think about this, so I can
vote accordingly. If someone is really paranoid about having their call
listed as a member, let them check a box to be excluded.

>My suggestion about QSLs was intended to add a bit of humor to the
>conversation.  However, what harm would come from introducing a membership
>insert to all who don't have AMSAT membership shown on their cards?

Nothing other than excess work and printing on my part for those that are

>I don't recall hearing your suggestion regarding inserts at the Fort Worth
>meeting.  What are you asking for?  Do you want a standard form to use? Or
>were you asking for the Board to say it is OK? Or what?  On the surface it
>sounds like a good idea to me.

It was the Saturday afternoon session I think, in front of the entire BOD.
I'd like to see an official "blessing", and a PDF of a sheet with 2 or 3
applications per page posted on amsat.org. Ideally, we should track how many
new users this brings in. Think about it. I, or whoever else does this too,
pays for the envelope, postage, printing, and labor to deliver an
opportunity to pick up a new member to a highly "qualified" recipient.
What's the downside? Heck, we should track the one with the most referals
and give them an award!

73, Drew KO4MA


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