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drawing hams into amsat

Drawing hams into AMSAT:

I was apart of field day agian this year one of three operators operating a
satellite station. We had many visitors pass by our tent of operation. When
we described the satellite's that we was going to be operating on, the real
eye opener was AO-40 when we told them we was going to be talking around the
world on it and for several hours.

I have been apart of many demo's over the years, and it has always been a
kick and joy to watch hams relize you can work a satellite with a ht and a
simple arrow antenna. But more than that for them to relize you can talk
around the
world on AO-40 for hours on end not just for 10 or 15 minutes on a busy FM

yes I am all for the FM birds, RS birds, FO birds, but the HEO birds do have
more to offer if you keep the design simple.

what was the membership at the peek of AO-13 and what was it the following
year after it died?
that should say alot by it self.

I hope on future satellites the experments are kept to a minimum and keep a
simple design. (with very few eggs in one basket)

AMSAT member 27994
Greg Wycoff
Conway Springs, Ks.
Grid EM17ej

worked the following satellites
AO-13, AO-10, AO-40, AO-27, FO-20, FO-29
RS-10, RS15, RS-12/13,  SO-35, UO-14, SO-41
SO-50, KO-23, KO25, TO-31, UO-22

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