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RE: Yaesu G-5500 pilot lights?


>"Rotor lamps:  Radio Shack # 272-1092C micro lamps."

Probably the best "direct" replacement from RS.  They are _almost_ perfect.
The only minor problem is that they are rated at 12.0 V and 60ma, and the
voltage supplied is ~14 V.  A 33 ohm resistor in series works perfectly.  A
comparison with the working original bulb shows what to the eyeball MK2
luminosity meter is exactly the same brightness.

Some information for those doing this.  The RS bulb shows a brightness of
0.15MSCP.  In the next bin was a 14 V bulb @ 150 ma which would probably be
"too bright."  YMMV.  For going the LED route, there is plenty of room on
the perf board for just about any LED and resistor to be installed.
Something with a brightness of 0.15MSCP would be a good place to start.

The original bulb is a long glass tube.  It looks like an NE-2, but is
incandescent and has the leads coming out of the opposite ends.  For an LED
you might want to put two LEDs in series to spread out the source of

Thanks to all who wrote!



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