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Re: A view from an outsider

From: "John Geiger" To: <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>

> I am not a member of AMSAT, nor have I ever belonged.
> Yes, I should join, but I haven't.  Given this, I have

> So, one thing we cannot afford is to divide outselves
> us.  Instead, we need to consider what is the best way
> to attact new satellite ops.  If it is a satellite
> that runs FM that you can get into with a HT (and it
> probably is), then that is what we should be looking
> at.  Once we get them going, some will figure out that
> this is fun and want to stay.  They will then make the
> investiment to get into the SSB/CW birds.

Someone might argue we don't need more satellite ops, just look at UO-14 for
all the ops you want. How many support AMSAT? We need more ops that are
paying members of AMSAT so we can build more toys....and peer pressure is an
amazing thing.

What would be involved in having the membership database available? Not
phone numbers and address, just name, call, and life or normal member? I
would include a membership application in every qsl card I sent to a non
member if I could distinguish who was who. And I send a load of QSL cards

I'm cc'ing Robin and Martha on this, because I'd like an answer on the
database question....

73, Drew KO4MA

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