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OT: to FT-847 users. Pse help

Hi All

I'm sorry the off topic subject, but I know there are many
FT-847 users on this list. So here it goes.

I've been a happy owner of rig named "earth station".
However, last saturday, while operating AO-40, I noticed
the power meter didn't move. I knew it must had *some*
output (I was hearing my own downlink), and a quick test
with a wattmeter/dummy load show the output was nominal.
Then I decided to perform a microprocessor reset, but the 
radio remained the same: not a single segment on power 
bargraph blink on UHF transmitter (although it's working ok 
on all other bands)
Has this happened before? If so, how can it be fixed?
It's more likely to be a hardware problem, or something else?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Hope to work you from CT3 in 2 weeks!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. As a side note, the only different thing on that morning (in
        relation to the regular setup) was the fact, due the high squint 
        angle, I hooked the UHF 100W "brick" (it was the second time
        I used it, and the first one with this radio).
        Do you think that might be any relation with the problem?
        BTW, FYI, I didn't trigger Leila once ;0)
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