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Re: A view from an outsider

Hi John,
Not "real" VUCC because it's FM?  What a crock...
On your point #2...there is some thinness in the argument, because HF conditions are getting very poor and will only get worse in the next 2-3 years.  Not that contacts aren't being made, but it is much rougher sledding than it used to be.  Somehow this seems to me to be a selling point for HEO platforms...I will not be adding much to my DXCC totals in the next few years on HF, so my best avenue is going to be AO-40.  At least, once my d/c is working again (still smarting over missing out on 5T).

> From: John Geiger <johngeig@yahoo.com>
> Date: 2003/07/07 Mon PM 12:28:41 EDT
> To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
> Subject: [amsat-bb] A view from an outsider
> I am not a member of AMSAT, nor have I ever belonged. 
> Yes, I should join, but I haven't.  Given this, I have
> no vested interested in who is elected to the board,
> but I do have a couple of observations to make.  I
> have been on AO7, UO14, AO27, FO29, FO20, SO41, SO50,
> RS12 and RS15 in the past couple of years, so I have
> some experience in satellite work.  I haven't followed
> many of the recent threads, but would like to put
> forth these comments to think about.
> I have heard via some third parties that there has
> been much discussion and arguing about how the new
> satellite is going to be configured-FM, SSB, both,
> neither, etc.  Here are some points:
> 1. One bad trend I have experienced a few times is
> "Satellite Elitism"-mainly that SSB satellite
> operating is somehow better than FM satellite
> operating.  I have worked over 100 grids on
> satellites, and will soon have enough QSLs for my
> VUCC, but have also been told that it isn't a real
> satellite VUCC because I did much of it on FM.  In the
> most insane twist, I have also heard that FM satellite
> contacts or ops don't really count because you don't
> have to spend enough money to get on them. Excuse me
> for having to live in a budget.  One thing that AMSAT
> doesn't need is to break into factions because of my
> point #2 below.  If you want to experience the
> ultimate in warring factions, go to eham.net and read
> some of the posts about removing the CW requirement
> for HF.
> 2. THe CW requirement will be removed for HF access by
> the FCC.  Don't know if any license will retain CW
> testing, but my gut feeling is that either generals
> will no longer have to pass a CW test, or technicians
> will be given HF priviledges.  Either way, satellite
> operating is going to take a major hit.  We may not
> want to admit it, but many techs today are probably
> doing sats partially because they can't do HF.  It
> allows them to make HF distance contacts within the
> limits of their license.  Yes, 6 meters will do the
> same, but satellites are a much more sure thing,
> propagationwise.  Once these people have access to HF,
> I feel that many are going there and not looking back.
>  They will be able to make USwide and worldwide
> contacts any time of the day, without having to wait
> for passes, and all they will need for antennas is a
> piece of wire hanging up in the tree.
> So, one thing we cannot afford is to divide outselves
> us.  Instead, we need to consider what is the best way
> to attact new satellite ops.  If it is a satellite
> that runs FM that you can get into with a HT (and it
> probably is), then that is what we should be looking
> at.  Once we get them going, some will figure out that
> this is fun and want to stay.  They will then make the
> investiment to get into the SSB/CW birds.
> If instead and I am new op and hear that I need to
> spend $2000 (and I have heard that) to buy a rig,
> antennas, elevation rotors, 9913 coax, downconverters,
> etc.  to get on the satellites, I am going back to HF
> instead.
> 73s John NE0P

Scott Townley NX7U
Gilbert, AZ  DM43di

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