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FT-857 and InstantTune - does it work?

I was wondering if anyone has used InstantTrack/Instant Tune with the
FT-857? I am considering purchasing an 857 and was wondering if it will
work with the InstantTune software? I was thinking of configuring
InstantTune with either the Ft-817 or FT-847 configurations to get it to
work. Curios to know if someone already has this working?

I currently use a pair of FT-817s with InstantTune (one for Tx the other
for Rx) on AO-40 and FO-20/29 and it works great. I'd like to replace
one of those 817s with a new FT-857 for a more versatile overall system.

Thanks in advance for any input, 73s,
Mike N3WF
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