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Re: That Cubesat issue

On 7 Jul 2003 at 22:44, Terry Carrell wrote:

> 1. We already have an active and respected Frequency Coordination Working
> Group recognised and supported by IARU, the ONLY truly recognised
> International organisation within the Amateur Service and the Amateur
> Satellite Service. None other is required or desirable.

Probably we are making a fuss about cubesats if it is so well planned all of what we are discussing is not 
relevant and we should take for granted that all future cubesats are frequency actively coordonnated by "an 
active and respected Frequency Coordination Working Group recognised and supported by IARU,"

But why we always get the news of some theses cubesats AFTER launch? We probably don't read the right papers
probably too concentrated in reading on PC'S screen!  Or it's still another PR problem? If so much details 
are known by the fifthy few, .please enlighten us and share with us. I think they called that transparency.

I'm not questionning the cubesats projects but the way they are INTERNATIONNALY coordonnated from a FRQ'S 
stand point.  You probably remember the Arab sat saga when the sat has been discovered by listening the sat 
beacon on 2 meters..! to finnally end up with an ACTIVELY coordinated sat frequency shutted down...!

Title are important...When i wrote "Financial Support did you look international?" Its easy to tell in 
general that we are "international".  But in fact history demonstrate (even recently) that it is far to be 
true. We all have our secret gardens...! 

This cubesats question remenber me also the repeaters proliferations era. Each ham club wants to have their 
own one to end up finnally with a one man type even private and coded repeaters. Ask any members of the VHF-
UHF frequency coordination group the fun they having when trying to cope with FRQ repeaters demands.

Yes we have spaces in our SAT ham bands, can someone (An individual...) be worried by proliferations?

Quotes as recently read on AMSAT-BB

"Future plans for the CubeSat project include a potential launch of up to
15 of the tiny satellites next year aboard a Russian Dnepr rocket."

Maybe it's not too late for AMSAT to get involved and persuade these to be
more than "BLEEP-SATS" if that's the direction they are headed.

Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

I have to wonder what all the
fuss is.  It seems that some relatively intelligent frequencey coordination
is all that's required here.



(maybe only if we coordinate
frequencies ) they
will come to us early in their design phases and at least give us a
chance to work with

What motivation do these young rocket scientists have to consult the amateur
community regarding the use of Amateur Radio bands? It appears their
instructors are ignorant of the laws we operate under which means that
knowledge (of FCC rules) isn't passed on to the students.

...I believe the "THORN in the SIDE" is the right approach. Again, how do we
find out 'BEFORE' launch? They don't take the normal approach (with the
exception of Isaac) of letting people know what they are up to to build
excitement for the project.

John Wilcox / NS1Z


As a girl says "Its my opinion and i know that you shared it".Luc Leblanc VE2DWE (AMSAT 33583)
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Quebec AMSAT coordinator
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