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 I have read this board as a lurker for quite awhile now, and have read the
recent thread on Universities and Cubesats, I have a few thoughts I would
like to express. I suggest that these universities be contacted and offer
them assistance with their program, I.E., find out if they are legal or not,
who is the designated control op, are any of the people involved actually
licensed, is the control op on hand when transmissions are made, what is the
FCC call sign for the bird? Etc, Etc, Etc. Many of these programs may not
even be aware that they need to be licensed.

   In no way should they be discouraged from building new birds. The more
the merrier. However, they should be in the spirit of ham radio, and not
just a new bunch of bleepsats. Perhaps Amsat could have a few transponders
or FM single channel repeaters that could be offered to be installed on some
of these University birds? Most University programs are on a fixed budget,
and could not afford to add the comms capability, but if offered a package
to integrate, would probably be happy to do so. Most of these programs would
also already have a launch opportunity lined up for their use, which makes
it that much easier to get more hamsats up in orbit.

   Perhaps Bob WB4APR program over at the Naval Academy could be used as a
model       for the Universities to base their program on, to show them what
needs to be done in the regulatory arenaand how the class program was set

    I also realize that there are going to be a couple of hardcases who will
tell Amsat to "Get lost, we don't need no stinking license". I think that at
that Point, some FCC intervention will be required. Remember Swatch???  Be
helpful, but do not be afraid to stick up for ourselves. " For Evil to
triumph, all's good men (And Women) need to do is, Nothing."

 Ok, that's enough out of this New Bee hamsat operator (and soon to be paid
up member of Amsat). Flames welcomed, but you will get more out of me if you
put some thought into your reply.

Chris Hackworth

Chief Operator A.R.S. N8PHU

Glenndale MD

Licensed since 91, Navy veteran (ET1(SW)) LF-EHF Comms/Nav/Radar/SatComm
Tech, Site engineer at Verestar,a Commercial satellite earth station in
Alexandria VA, Living next to Goddard Space Flight Center

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