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RE: Radios for 1.2 GHz operation

The Techsat used a standard G3RUH compatible modem with typical 9600baud
deviation (3.5KHz-4.0KHz). The only thing you want to watch out for in FM
is the threshold limit. If you stay away from that, you can easily open up
the receiver bandwidth so you can do one of two things:
1. Open is to a medium bandwidth, and then update the frequency periodically.
2. Open it to wide, and then never have to update the frequency during a
Assi 4x1kx/kk7kx

> I'd be curious if they were synchronous or asychronous and at what
> baudrade and deviation, etc.  I did not mean to imply at all that a 1.2
> GHz  digital uplink wont work, I was cautioning against thinking that
> a typical 3 KHz deviation FM narrowband off-the-shelf 9600 baud AX.25
> system in a 15 KHz channel would work "normally"... when I said:
>> de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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