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Re: On leaving AMSAT

But there is a flip side to the Gee Whiz approach to HAM radio.

Over the many years, I often give talks on ATV,  APRS, GPS, Amateur
Satellites,  and give demos with the handheld Arrow and all kinds of neat
and fascinating aspects of HAM radio to many local clubs.

Out of a typical ham radio group, maybe 2 or 3 are actually interested in
learning someting new.   The vast majority enjoy the presentation as
entertaining, but typically have no interest in  doing anything new in HAM
radio.  Again, this is not at all a comment on their interests, its just a
practical recognition of "who we are as a group".

A new Gee-Whiz approach does indeed satisfy the gee-whiz technical types,
but in the long run, they dont like to spend a lot of time "operating" and
it seems to me that it is the vast majoirty of "operators" that provide
the thirst in HAM radio...

Gee-whiz works great when it results in something that anyone can do.
When it results in the sound of one hand clapping, it usually dies on the

Just a flip side view...

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