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When we think of all the things that AMSAT "should do", it's worthwhile to
consider that AMSAT is nothing more than "us".  Let me restate my 29 June

> After 40 years in HAM radio, a few things are very clear about what
> "others" should be doing:
> 1) Negativism and condeming others efforts accomplishes  nothing.
> 2) Complaining about what others do with HAM radio accomplishes nothing.
> 3) Trying to tell others what they should be doing with their time
>    and their hobby accomplishes nothing.
> 4) Thinking up all the things that OTHERS should be doing for the hobby
>    rarely accomplishes anything.
> 5) Determination to push and force and threaten others to action
>    accomplishes nothing.
> Now, what DOES acocomplish something in HAM radio?
> I learned this from Paul Rinaldo, W4RI back in in the 70's when I was in
> AMRAD and he was president (the organization that spearheaded the
> development of AX.25 and packet radio as we know it today):
> 1) Hams work on what they want to work on.  It is the intellectual
> curiousity that drives them to do the things they do.  They chose this
> "hobby" to DO something 'they' want to do, and NOT to do what someone else
> tells them to do (That is why they have a day job)...
> 2) Being in charge of a HAM project is like hearding cats.  You absolutely
> cannot push what is to be accomplished.  Pushing guarantess failure
> because of interpersonal breakdown, not due to technical problems.
> 3) The best you can do is make sure that those people that ARE doing
> something are well fed (nurtured), and have the resources they need to
> make progress.
> 4) Other than that, GET OUT OF THE WAY.  One may be able to slightly
> steer them toward some worthwhile goals, but it is only by the most
> subtle and intellectually stimulating process.  IE, CARROTS to attract
> them in a given direction...  Beating on them from behind, or nipping at
> their ankles won't get what you want.  Except frustration and failure.

In trying to think about what "AMSAT should do", I suggest that it is more
productive to think about something that needs to be done and then taking
the initiative to do it or get it rolling or enlist other volunteers, then
tell others.  Maybe you will inspire someone else also...

Of course we are in the midst of an election to the AMSAT Board.  My only
caution to the general membership is to consider the baseline above and
realize that AMSAT is "US", and that even electing a board member with a
new agenda of great ideas of what he thinks he can push others to do, will
probably not acomplish anything except release of a lot more hot air.

The BOD provides leadership.  And leadership in HAM radio has little to do
with technical ideas, it has everything to do with working with people in
a supportive manner and managing resources to nurture and enable the
efforts of those who are working on something for the use of all of us..

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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