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Re: Radios for 1.2 GHz operation

Is there there really so little spectrum available in the Amateur Satellite
Service on the L and S  (and perhaps U) that we need to be chasing these
university experimenters away with a stick?  When I see how much re-use
the APRS guys manage to get on one FM channel, and consider the capacity
available on these relatively unused bands, I have to wonder what all the
fuss is.  It seems that some relatively intelligent frequencey coordination
is all that's required here.

If people are going to quote chapter and verse from the FCC regulations,
perhap's they'll also notice the bit about the Amateur Service promoting
experimentation as well.  Maybe if we got these "interlopers" to promise
to send some CW, perhaps that will be smell enough like one particular
type of amateur radio to make it socially acceptable.


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