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RE: time to re-org the organization

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Heck, it may cut too deeply into the beer and chicks money.
So i have a proposal....

Boy, those were the days!

Now on the subject of cube/university sats.  I dont care what anyone
says , i think
we are falling flat on our faces here. They do nothing for us cause we
havent asked or
maybe dont even know what they are doing. I think if we become a little
bit of a thorn
in their sides on the use of our bands , (maybe only if we coordinate
frequencies ) they
will come to us early in their design phases and at least give us a
chance to work with
them,  as it sits the first we hear of it is when the springs let go and
the thing seperates
and starts bleeping.

now , lets have a decent discussion.

I've never been accused of being decent but here are my thoughts:

What motivation do these young rocket scientists have to consult the amateur
community regarding the use of Amateur Radio bands? It appears their
instructors are ignorant of the laws we operate under which means that
knowledge (of FCC rules) isn't passed on to the students.

What could bring a dose of reality to the classroom would be the FCC levying
fines for unlicensed operation. I may be wrong but this is what it looks
like to me. I know if I drop down too low in the 40 meter band to work
Canadians or others I might be lucky to get an OO notice. Repeated
violations will cost me... At the least, AMSAT should be sending out
'dunning' letters every time one of these interlopers is heard.

The solution to this problem is just like FM: The loudest signal is heard...

I believe the "THORN in the SIDE" is the right approach. Again, how do we
find out 'BEFORE' launch? They don't take the normal approach (with the
exception of Isaac) of letting people know what they are up to to build
excitement for the project.

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