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Isle of Man ops

Hello Folks

I had a fun time over in the Isle of Man, with the help of the IOM ARS and
GB4FUN (http://www.gb4fun.org.uk/).

We worked dozens of stations on satellite on both the early Saturday morning
pass (as GD6LVB/P) and the Sunday lunchtime pass (as GB4FUN). GB4FUN may be
on again today (Monday) during the day.

Conditions were not fantastic for us on AO-40 on either occasion. Both were
horizon shots, with squint at the limit of viable operation. Over water on
the Saturday morning, QSB was extreme with deep fades for several tens of
seconds at a time. On Sunday we suffered a lot of local QRM, very possibly
from 3G on the 2.1GHz image of the 144MHz d/c.

Thanks again both for trying, and for your patience, and I apologise for the
short time we operated over the weekend. I know that in particular there
were a lot of stations Stateside who were unlucky.

We also operated UO-14 and SO-50. Some ops had the opportunity to make their
first ever satellite QSOs on UO-14.

I am certain that there will be another opportunity soon.

73 Howard G6LVB

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