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RE: On leaving AMSAT

> To be honest, the thing about AMSAT (and most other ham 
> organizations that 
> I join) that attracts me is the "Gee-Whiz" factor.  I like to 
> be involved 

Well, while I've never been an AMSAT member as such (AMSAT-VK is quite a
different beast to the NA flavour - no formal membership that I could find),
I was very active on the FM birds.  For me, the challenge was to operate
them from some more "unusual" situations.

While I dabbles on RS-12/13, the other SSB birds held relatively little
appeal, due to the "bang per buck" factor.  Also, SSB usage here is very low
(I only had a couple of QSOs on RS-12/13, and all of those were
pre-arranged).  AO-40 holds some interest, but there's a lot of other things

Like you, I played with packet in the early 90's, tweaking NOS and running
links.  For a while, I provided a route from Melbourne to eastern Victoria
(at 1200 bps!), both NET/ROM and TCP/IP.

Today, my "new technology" is the VoIP world.  I spend a lot of time
tweaking VoIP (IRLP, etc) systems and writing little bits of code to add new

Maybe if I had been born 10-20 years earlier, I might have had an OSCAR
class station up by now, having experienced the earlier sats as "new
technology".  I see SSB/CW on sats as essentially old technology, for which
there are better performing replacements available (which haven't yet been
put onto ham sats).

> annual meetings somewhat less frequently.    Now it's true 
> that the "Gee 
> Whiz" factor in TAPR may well be revived in the context of 
> digital voice, 
> software defined radios, and continuing work on HF digital 
> modes, but it's 
> not clear at this point what direction this will take.

Well, I'm certainly interested in the digital voice/SDR side of things

Digital voice on a bird?  Woah!  that'd get my attention! :-)  

My interests tend to centre around portability and voice.  That's probably
partly a lifestyle thing - I've never been in a position where I can
establish a significant fixed station, but being on the "right" side of 40,
I'm able to get out and carry a bit of gear with me.

The low speed data modes (including packet) are of limited appeal to me -
they only mean more gear to lug around, and more time spent staring at a
screen in a nice bush setting.  I type at work, type on the Net, much prefer
to talk on the radio. :)

Another tech junkie delurks... :-)

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