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Re: Radios for 1.2 GHz operation

On Sunday 06 July 2003 8:21 pm, Don Woodward wrote:
> Here's my take on why I think it's negative.
> The posturing of the language for example...
> "What do you mean..." "Any problem with that?" "Why should I bother..." "Is
> this OK?"
> Many questions answered with "No".
> I think it should be written more along the line of the IARU guide.
> 73's
> Don Woodward
> AMSAT 33535
> kd4app@amsat.org
> http://kd4app.webhop.org

Hi Don,
out of context sure... "Why should I bother" might sound flipant...
but in context...

Q17:  Why should I bother to look at these references?

A:        All countries and operating agencies world wide rely on the ITU 
Radio Regulations to help maximize the use of the radio spectrum and to 
minimize interference - something very important to your project.  You'll 
find universally accepted nomenclature, emission designations, service types, 
frequency allocations, and other important and worthwhile references.  Many 
administrations copy major parts of the Radio Regulations into their domestic 
Rules and Regulations.

its a question and answer session... its what you might have asked in a 

And out of context..."What do you mean..."might sound argumentative...
but in context...

Q1:     What do you mean when you talk about the amateur service; the 
amateur-satellite service?

A:        Amateur service: A radiocommunication service for the purpose of 
self-training, intercommunication and technical investigations carried out by 
amateurs, that is, duly authorized [licensed] persons [individuals] 
interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without 
pecuniary interest."  (Emphasis supplied.)
            Amateur-satellite service:  A radiocommunication service using 
space stations on Earth satellites for the same purposes as those of the 
amateur service.

and hey I'm the one from California where in schools "there are no wrong 
answers only how you feel"... LOL

so the answer is no.... its not a bad thing to say no.... 

Can I run 10KW in the middle of a ham band without a license???

hehe my answer would have been HELL NO!!!

I really don't see the stink about this document....

Maybe it should be more like the IARU
but I really dont think it going to make enemies out of anyone...


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