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Re: Radios for 1.2 GHz operation

On Sunday 06 July 2003 7:12 pm, Don Woodward wrote:
> I read http://www.amsat.org/amsat/intro/using-ham-freqs.html with disgust.
> At the risk of stepping on somebody's toes - who wrote that "negative bunch
> of bullxxxx"?
> To quote Bob WB4APR - "HAM radio does not need enemies, it need friends".
> 73's
> Don Woodward
> AMSAT 33535
> kd4app@amsat.org
> http://kd4app.webhop.org

Hi Don,
    Is it BS just because you don't like it???   I don't like stopping for red 
lights... therefore are they BS?

I read through it and don't see anything that is that outrageous, if your not 
happy with it, contact the FCC and petition a change....

Or find another Service for the EDU's...

I have nothing against the EDU's using our frequencies but they like us have 
to follow the rules....

You might also want to be a little more  clear on   that "negative bunch
 of bullxxxx"?"   the first part? the middle? all of it???


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