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Re: time to re-org the organization

On Sunday 06 July 2003 5:17 pm, Keith N6ORS wrote:
> Now on the subject of cube/university sats.  I dont care what anyone
> says , i think
> we are falling flat on our faces here. They do nothing for us cause we
> havent asked or
> maybe dont even know what they are doing. I think if we become a little
> bit of a thorn
> in their sides on the use of our bands , (maybe only if we coordinate
> frequencies ) they
> will come to us early in their design phases and at least give us a
> chance to work with
> them,  as it sits the first we hear of it is when the springs let go and
> the thing seperates
> and starts bleeping.
> now , lets have a decent discussion.
> Keith (N6ORS) Amateur Satellite Operator

Hi Keith,

  I agree that the EDU's at times are really taking advantage of our spectrum, 
it seems to me that you have a point and this problem also presents an 
opportunity for AMSAT...

   Why doesn't AMSAT jump to the forefront here and come up with a small 
xpondr that would fit a cubesat profile that would give us a xpondr and the 
EDU a telem channel, it would be a win win... That way they could concentrate 
on the science and we would handle the RF side for them  and we get xponders, 
some could be SSB some FM.
  All would have to be very low power....

AMSAT wouldn't have to worry about the launch costs, the only real cost would 
be for the RF package but once designed and laid out, replicating it 
shouldn't be that bad... maybe we could even get the edu to foot part of the 
parts cost...

Any techies see a glaring problem with this???


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