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RE: That Cubesat issue

Many of you are forgetting the basic premise: ANY LICENSED HAM RADIO
OPERATOR can operate in the amateur satellite band. As long as he follows
the terms and conditions of his license granted by the government agency
responsible for communications, and which is a part of the ITU (in most
AMSAT frequency coordination is nothing but a good-will gesture which will
hopefully continue to support as many payloads as possible. Now, if we want
to go into "who paid for it" and "what is it really for", lets take a closer
look at the our most favorite birds of the 90's and take a closer look as to
who built them, and what there were really for... If we do so, we will
quickly dig our own grave.
So, enjoy the birds, and embrace the variety. If there is one thing that
does stands out of the discussion, its the fact that there are many hams
with just as many preferences. No single bird will provide a solution to all
preferences, so we need them in all tastes and flavors!
Assi 4x1kx/kk7kx

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